Juice Cleansing is a detox diet in which a person consumes only Fruit & Vegetable juices to get nutrition from it without having other forms of other solid food.

Our Juices can be kept for a maximum of 48 hours from the date of manufacture, when kept refrigrated.

The process of slow pressing and squeezing from Cold Hydraulic Press helps the fruits & vegetables to retains the original color of the juice.

No, Our fruit juices are extracted from ingredients with our hydraulic presses, the sugars which are available in fruits & vegetables are naturally occuring sugars which are accompanied by vitamins, enzymes & minerals that you would get
from eating the raw fruit or vegetable, which offer you a lot more than juicing. If you want to avoid sugar from these you can call us or info@juiceoholic.in for a special package.

Normally in our serving of 325ml almost 2 to 3 pounds of vegetables and fruits are used to extract the juice, if you consume 3 servings a day you may cut down on the portion of a meal or you may consult your physician for more nutritional advice.

Yes, Due to the use of natural ingredients seperation occuring is normal. So shake well before drinking.

Yes, Green Juices have lot of good things. It will cleanse your digestive system, liver, lungs & uterus(for women). It is enriched with minerals, vitamins, enzymes which boosts your overall immune system.

Best way to start the juicing would be in the morning. But can be consumed any time of the day.

Yes, We will Specify the order in which the juices are to taken, so please follow that.

Yes. Our juices are 100% raw and can be given to children of all ages which helps in boost their immunity levels and lots of other health benefits.

Yes, you can subscribe to deep cleanse package or call us or email us at info@juiceoholic.in for more details.

HPP means High Pressure Processing. The name itself tells there is a process involved to increase the shelf life of Juices. At Juiceoholic we do not involve in any kind of artificial process to keep the juices alive.
HPP in detail invloves cold pasteurization of juices at high pressure after the juice bottles are sealed and intorduced into a isostatic pressure transmitted by water which again is not a natural process.

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Subscription & Orders

Yes, we do bulk orders. Please contact us at info@juiceoholic.in.

Everyday our cut off time is 4.00pm Indian Standard Time. Orders placed above this timing would be given delivery the next day.

We accept all major Visa, Mastercard, Net Banking & American Express Payments. COD Options are available so please contact us at info@juiceoholic.in.

Yes. We need payments in advance to process the order.

For customised package call us at +91 75500 00190.

If you had experienced an unfortunate event or if there is a specific issue please contact us at support@juiceoholic.in.

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Everyday morning 6am to 9am delivery will take place.

We do not deliver on Sundays and important govt. holidays.

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